Testosterone Cycle

What is anti-estrogen and why they are necessary practically to all who do not think of the life without anabolic steroids. It is unlikely someone will be able to think up though something soon, capable to compete seriously with androgens and anabolic steroids in growth of force and testosterone cycle muscle bulk. As if fanatically some experts approved the return, it is necessary to recognize: there is no alternative to steroids of bodybuilders. 
Alas, all these wonderful preparations possess (however, as well as almost each medicine) side effects with which it is necessary to be reconciled willy-nilly. Those are, in particular, the excess congestion of water and adjournment of fats on female type including in nipples. The last phenomenon called in language of medicine ginekomastiy is especially unpleasant as in itself does not disappear and is subject to removal only by surgical intervention. Though why it we should be reconciled with all this disgrace? It is necessary to fight, the benefit of means for maintaining this of "sacred war" in an arsenal of the bodybuilder not so a little. These means are called anti-estrogen, but before to speak about them, we will talk about responsible for above-mentioned troubles.
Responsibility both for an excess congestion of water, and for adjournment of fats on female type is born by same "agent". He, together with dihydrotestosterone, is responsible also for production suppression with a man's organism of own testosterone. The name to it - estrogen, also is it one of female sex testosterone cycle hormones. "E-e-e, - you will exclaim, - and how female sex hormone got to mine through a man's organism?" And here is how.

That estrogen can

Unlike the female organism capable to produce male sex hormone - testosterone, the man's organism in itself cannot produce female sex hormones. Testosterone turns into female sex hormones. More precisely, transformation of testosterone happens only in one of female sex hormones - estrogen, even more precisely, only in one of estrogen, the most powerful - an estradiol. Transformation it, as well as the vast majority of other transformations in an organism, happens not in itself, and with assistance of enzymes - catalysts of chemical reactions. In this case this enzyme, more precisely, set of the enzymes united by the general name is the aromataza. 
And the phenomenon of transformation of testosterone into an estradiol received the name "aromatization". Testosterone turns into an estradiol also endogenous, that is, developed by an organism of men. At blood of one and all men there is a female sex hormone - an estradiol, and not just is present, and carries out very important role. The lack of an estradiol, as well as its surplus, leads to production suppression by an organism of endogenous testosterone; the estradiol promotes improvement of mood and growth of muscular volumes at its presence happens much better. But all this is at the normal level of an estradiol in blood. 
As soon as the balance between testosterone and estradioly in a man's organism is displaced towards the last, and it surely occurs at rather prolonged use of high doses of the flavored anabolic steroids, female sex hormone right there undertakes to show the worst qualities. Also the athlete fat begins to swim away then, his mood from raised changes on depressive, force and muscular volumes begin to start to decline and that the most unpleasant, quite real risk testosterone cycle appears to get - oh, horror! - a female breast (by the way, all operations on sex change at men begin with increase of level of estrogen in blood). It is necessary to tell that change of balance between testosterone and estradioly can happen at men and in itself owing to age changes. At elderly men of a problem with a prostate, cardiovascular system and memory, the diseases connected with immunity easing and also an age ginekomastiya are also explained by age decrease in level of testosterone and simultaneous increase of level of an estradiol.